How To Root Android Without Computer Using Kingoroot
You can directly download this apk file to your Android device by clicking the link below and then install it


Download Kingoroot apk
Install on your device.   Top 5 Ways To Root Any Android Phone
Unlimited Guide To Root Every Phone

I’ve seen many people searching or asking for like how to root android , how will my android phone rooted, how to root my android phone in one click etc, because not every smart phone rooted in same manner. If you beginner, you must read about what is android rooting? before going to root your phone.

“ Rooting your android phone is a technique of allowing users of android devices to get the super control (known as root access) over many Android subsystems. “

Simply “root is the process of allowing your phone to attain a super user privilege that normally isn’t on your device.”

In some models of devices like Sony Xperia, Samsung and Asus we need to unlock the boot loader that is similar to the rooting process. You might be knowing what a boot loader is! If not:

🔘A bootloader is a computer program that loads an operating system (OS) or runtime environment for the computer after completion of the self-tests. A locked bootloader is one that will only boot an OS that it “approves” of.
              So we need to unlock the boot loader.
Most all the android phones can be rooted using the Kingo android Root application that has mentioned below.
If it cannot you may depend on other applications or methods to get your phone rooted.
Before starting the root process you have to know the
advantages of rooting an android device.
Before Rooting you phone

🔘Advantages Of Rooting Android Phone

Advantages of rooting include the possibility for complete control over the look and feel of the device.

·🔘 Support for themes, allowing everything to be visually changed from the color of the battery icon, to the boot animation that appears while the device is booting, and more.

·⏩ Full control of the kernel, which, for example, allows overclocking and under clocking the CPU and GPU.

⏩· Full application control, including the ability to backup, restore, or batch edit applications, or to remove bloatware that comes pre-installed on many phones.

· ⏩Custom automated system-level processes through the use of third-party applications.

·⏩ Ability to install a custom firmware (also known as a custom ROM) that allows additional levels of control on a rooted device. 🚹

1. Backup Your Entire Phone Before Rooting Android Device
It is highly recommended that you should backup the entire data in your phone before trying to root your android phone. This includes your contacts,SMS, apps and data.

If anything goes wrong and your phone get formatted, so that i insist you to backup your android data before proceeding further.

2 Root Your Phone Using Rooting Apps For Android
There are many android applications available in the internet which will help you to root your android phone easily.
I will show you a list of apps that can make your device rooted.
You can choose any one app below to root your android phone easily but you should at least read the description nder each app before proceeding.

During Rooting you phone
1 Kingoroot

Many tools are available to help you root Android device, but few of them are actually easy and fast, at least not easy and fast enough as Kingo one-click root.

Kingo Android Root has launched its APK Root for Android, which provides a universal one-click Android root solution for Android users.
Before jumping into the rooting process, please make sure you get everything right beforehand.

·  Device powered on.

·  At least 50% battery level.

·   Internet connection necessary (Wi-Fi network suggested).

·   Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

How To Root Android Without Computer Using Kingoroot
You can directly download this apk file to your Android device by clicking the link below and then install it
Download Kingoroot apk

Install KingoRoot.apk on your device.

If you didn’t check “Unknown Sources” in Settings > Security, then during
   installation, you will get a prompt “Install blocked”, stating that  “For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources”. Just follow phone instructions and install Kingo Root on your device.

Launch “Kingo ROOT” app and start rooting. Click “One Click Root” to start the rooting process.

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