How to hide IP Address on your smartphone Android

smartphone Android, being the most popular mobile operating systems with more than 75% of the market share is used by billions of people around the world. As compared to other platforms like iOS, Android is more open and more customizable. This personalization attribute comes with some disadvantages and security concerns that you should take into account when browsing the web.
In order to hide your real identity, you need to hide your real IP address. Here is the guide to hide IP on Android devices. For your convenience, we also provide the summary of advantages and disadvantages of each method.VPN                  
               VPN also known as Virtual Private Network is one of the most popular and widely used methods to hide IP on Android. It is mainly famous because it can provide online privacy by hiding IP on Android, encrypt web traffic for security and provide access to geo-restricted websites at the same time. There are many different VPN protocols like PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN compatible with Android devices and they have different attributes, advantages and disadvantages.
Using VPN apps is an easier and faster way to connect to VPN connection when needed. Android VPN apps provide a single button that you can use to connect/disconnect to VPN. Also you can change the VPN protocol according to your preference if the app supports it. Different VPN providers have different additional features in their Android mobile apps; for example, some apps come with integrated function of choosing the best server based on the load of web traffic at that particular moment. For premium VPN service providers, you need to enter your credentials in the app to start using it and some providers limit the number of devices you can use simultaneously.
.      THE GOOD                                           Easy to install, configure and easy to use.
.     THE BAD                                         It could slow down your internet speed.Proxy
Proxy can hide IP on Android and this is a well known way to protect you online identity on the internet while using Android devices. There are two ways to use proxy on Android devices; either you can configure the settings manually or you can download apps from Google Play Store. Unfortunately not all proxy providers have mobile apps so this is a limited option.
     THE GOOD                                         : Easy to configure, cheaper, faster
      THE BAD .                                                        .        Low security,ToR
ToR which is the short form of The Onion Router is specifically designed and developed to protect the online privacy and to help people be anonymous on the internet. Millions of people have been using ToR for years on their desktop computers and finally now they have released ToR for Android devices too. ToR for Android is available on Google Play Store; although it is a beta version but you can use it.
ToR is mainly used for online privacy and security instead of accessing geo-restricted contents because of its slow performance and high security. Although it is relatively newer method to hide IP on Android but it has developed a good reputation over the years on other platforms.
.     The GOOD                              High security, easy to install, easy to use,
.         The BAD                                 Slow performance, limited supportBottom Line
Each of the methods mentioned above has its own pros and cons. However, VPNs are considered the best way to hide IP because of advanced level of encryption and different VPN protocols.


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