PhpTravels V5.4 free Download

PhpTravels Download Free

All scripts are 100% original, legitimate and tested

Check the demo by clicking the below link

Admin Panel

admin Username :-
Password :-

Once PHPTRAVELS installed, no programming skills are required to manage settings. Further down is a list of features supported by the our software.

PHPTRAVELS has completely inbuilt and automated modules which are specific for online travel business.

PHPTRAVELS has been meticulously designed for owners of hotels, tours, vacations, car rental, cruises, travel agencies, restaurants, apartments, villas, bungalows and rooms which are given out for online bookings.

PHPTRAVELS comes with packs in many essential features which are editable Please scroll down and read all major features.
A Complete Booking Engine Better than any other software.

Get Started your online travel and booking business with PHPTRAVELS just in 2 Minutes

1. Complete Booking Engine
2. Billing, Reports and Invoicing System
3. Modules Based Functions…

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