The simpler” way to send email anonymously, 😉 without browsing on line the sites given above, with the possibility of preparing your own automated scripts and even without any need to edit the email header if you don’t happen to have a Unix box… basically, as you’ll see below, you can use some remailers (which are simple automated mail handling bots, installed on various accounts, which will accept any message sent with the proper headers and automatically re-send it anonymously to whoever you want). You’ll send email anonymously to your destinatary by sending mail to any of the remailers listed below, with the header “Anon-To: address” and the address that you want to send anonymously to. If you can’t add headers to your mail (typical windoze user), you can place two colons on the first line of your message, followed by the “Anon-To:” line. Follow that with a blank line, and then begin your message. 😀

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